Unfinished Projects

Sewing Projects that is.

Like many sewists, some projects get set aside for one reason or another.  I’m trying to reduce the number of unfinished projects I have.  Listing them makes my “back list” public; it also helps me keep track of them.  In some cases, I tell you where I stopped and why – feel free to encourage, advise, etc on any or all of these. (Just ask, and I’ll give details about problems, including photos).

Stopped for technique or fitting issues:

  1. Vogue 1389, Donna Karan Suit in dusty blue wool.  I got stuck on the welt pockets. I’ve recut the front to redo.  I’ve also gained weight since doing the muslin, and cutting the skirt.  The skirt has almost no ease, so it’s a bit depressing to finish something I can’t wear, even if it does help me learn.
  2. A pair of dress pants for my husband in a beautiful black wool suiting.  Umm.  Welt pockets stopped me dead.
  3. This raincoat. I love this coat.  Many people have seen it live and love it too.  I stopped due to a major move, a change of seasons, and a technical issue.  I’m still working on how to correct the set-in sleeves when easing is a real challenge.   I’m reading to fix this now that fall is around the corner here in Florida (meaning in a couple of months).

Stopped because of style issues:

  1. An OOP Vogue Ann Klein dress.  I stopped when I realized the style didn’t work for me.  My sister looks good in it, so I just need to do the finishing.
  2. An OOP Vogue Tracy Reese.  Ditto on the style.  A good style for my other sister, but it’s not even close to finished.

Stopped for reasons like boredom, distraction, change of seasons, etc before I finished:

  1. V1083, vintage dress coat in merlot cashmere.  It’s almost done.  I forgot why I stopped exactly. Winter passed.
  2. A Butterick tote that I was making for a beach trip.  I wasn’t going to finish in time, so I stopped.
  3. Another Vogue OOP from Badgley Mischka.  I gained weight while making this. Not sure I’ll ever fit in it as this was pre-pregnancy.  I’ll finish it for the sewing practice one day.
  4. This vintage dress from Patou in this beautiful fabric. Sigh. I wasn’t going to finish this in time for a wedding without making compromises.  And the fit was off despite multiple muslins and basting.  I will finish it correctly.

Here’s my original post about this in April 2014.


This list hasn’t changed since August 2014.  All of these are still unfinished, and sadly, I have added to the list. December 7, 2017.


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