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Summer Maxi: McCalls 7385

Just a quick post for my latest summer creation:  McCall’s Maxi, 7385, view D (oop). This dress, as styled on the envelope, didn’t appeal to me on release. However, after I saw a few on the internet that I really liked, I bought it.  Still, I could never find the right fabric for it.  The […]

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Peralta’s Culottes (Vogue 1619 + a redo on M6933)

I hope everyone is taking good care of themselves and their loved ones.  Life has been disrupted for so many over the last few weeks.  Even though Covid19 is a 100 miles or more from us, our university is taking proactive measures and putting us online.  I’m hoping to keep my husband and kiddo safe […]

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Cotton Sateen “Zebra” print skirt (Vogue 2984 & McCall6796)

So this skirt and top was not on my sewing list, at all.  But I was sifting through the fabrics at the Gorgeous Fabrics website, and saw this blue/black/white zebra cotton sateen.  I was smitten.  I held off.  I waited a week.  I kept thinking about the fabric, so I bought it, along with some […]

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Successful Failure? B6554

Summer sewing?  But it’s fall!  Yes, it is even fall here in Florida, but summer warmth is still part of our days.  This dress started as McCall 7745, and ended up as skirt.  Last May I determined that I really liked view D of McCall 7745, and purchased the yellow viscose/linen that became a hi-lo […]

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Channeling Roman Holiday: M7906 & NL6407

I’ve been sewing – a lot.  I have multiple projects nearly done, and several more on the horizon.  I’ve been making up for lost time.  And I’m not very interested in stopping to blog about it.  But, none-the-less, here we are.  This was the outfit that got me to spontaneously buy a new (but still […]

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Ah, bold stripes (McCall 7889)

I was determined to complete a project in February.  I started with the Guy LaRoche suit, but find myself frozen on the double welt pockets.  In an attempt to pull myself out, I decided to make this spring dress.  Easy, peasy, except… Stripes.  Irregular stripes, with lycra. And a bold fabric with a flaw every […]

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Statement Sleeves M7630 (& another V1550)

I’ve finally made something with the statement sleeve that seems so popular (but completely absent from the most recent copy of Harper’s Bazaar).  I have several patterns, but finally settled on McCall 7630 as a quick make.  It’s cute, okay, but not really me.  It is very easy. Pattern:  McCall 7630, View E, size 12. […]

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Halloween Photos

I’m so tired!  You know what happens when a seven year old goes to bed more than an hour late, still wound up?  He wakes up an hour early (at 5 am).  I feel bad for the teachers this morning. This year we went as vampires, though, because we were running late getting over to […]

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Black & White (McCall 7600 & Vogue 1247)

Leftover fabric, a new pattern, an old pattern, and keeping it simple:  I love the outcome. The top: The pattern for the top is Nancy Zieman’s  color block top (M 7600).  It’s really super easy and the directions have little tips for sewing knits. When I first bought the pattern, I didn’t realize it was […]

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Basic, but oh so wardrobe friendly (McCall 7121)

Today, I would have arrived in Ukraine for a few days.  I’m a child of the cold war, coming of age in “West Germany,” graduating from an American military high school in West Germany the same year Chernobyl melted down.  I grew up with Realpolitik and understanding NATO and the Warsaw Pact far better than […]