The Halloween Post (Simplicity 8482)

This year, DH and DS went out together to purchase costumes.  They wanted to do Fortnite.  I opted to go as Trinity from Matrix Reloaded.   Simplicity 8482 (B) is almost exactly like Trinity’s duster in the movie.

Simplicity Pattern 8482 Misses' Costume Coats
From Simplicity
From Fandom: Matrix


Sewing on imitation latex (backed with a knit fabric), isn’t that difficult.  But I couldn’t press, ease, baste or other things I deem essential to a quality result.  Oh, and several of the match points (notches) were off in the pattern.

I ordered the fabric from Mood, and they rolled it beautifully and carefully.  Unfortunately, the post office damaged it – and I can’t press polyurethane!  Most of it hung out, fortunately.  And, yes, I did have to cut this single layer.

Top-stitching also proved a challenge – even with a teflon foot, it was hard to get the fabric to move smoothly.  And, even though I tested, tested, tested, my top stitching thread, plus top stitching needle would not go – shred the thread!

Here I am, sweating. It was 85 F (29.4 C) while trick-or-treating with my kid.  I did some nominal fitting before starting, but at the last minute changed out the shoulder pads to much thicker ones (without looking to see how that would add to the already pulled look).  So don’t mind the bad fitting, please.  And, keep in mind that Carrie Moss and I may share the same height, but she was 25 pounds lighter than me in that duster!







Halloween Photos

I’m so tired!  You know what happens when a seven year old goes to bed more than an hour late, still wound up?  He wakes up an hour early (at 5 am).  I feel bad for the teachers this morning.



This year we went as vampires, though, because we were running late getting over to my son’s friend’s neighborhood, we didn’t finish the makeup.  And, that big giant wig I was wearing covered most of my costume.


Patterns:  Simplicity 1045 view A (dress); McCalls 4139, views B & C (adult capes); McCalls 7494, view D (child cape and vest); McCalls 2447 (men’s vest).  Note: the cape run long on me, but the dress was soooo short.  I added two inches at the waist, as I normally do for my long waist.  I still didn’t have enough length for a 1.5 inch (much less proper) hem, so I turned and stitched a 3/8th inch one.  I also dropped the sleeves from the dress and changed how the back drape was done.  Other than that, no issues with the patterns.  DH and DS wore their own pants and t-shirts (it was 80F/27C degrees out, but no humidity).

Fabric:  Lots of polyester here.  I means yards and yards!  All the satin and chiffon was from Mood Fabrics.  The satin was nicer quality than I would expect, medium heavy with drape.  The weight on the dress meant I didn’t have to worry about cling.  The braid for the dress was also Mood.  The bemberg rayon lining was from Emma One Sock, in my stash.

The two vests are layered.  I used the black satin as the base in the front, and layered it with the spiderweb mesh/tulle from JoAnns (they seem to carry it every year – Witching Hour brand).


After I made the buttonholes and attached the buttons, the boys decided they wanted skull buttons.  Given I’d already made the holes, I was limited in what I could buy size wise.  After many searches, I settled on what turned out to be very small, but very high quality buttons from Joyce’s Trimming on Etsy.


I know it’s a lot of work and more money than purchasing costumes.  But the year we bought costumes they were so cheap it wasn’t worth the money or time saved.  We carefully box away the costumes for another year.  Some day soon, the boy won’t want to match us and we can recycle.


Halloween Preview

Catching my breath.  It’s been a busy past couple of weeks.  My husband and I hosted a spooky luau for 45 people (including kids) – and cooked/smoked all the food.  I’m still putting things away.  I also made a major life decision – to cut back at work to focus on my family and me.  I put in my “retirement” letter last week – as well as an application for a new position at the same location (bureaucracy/budget lines make this necessary).  Hopefully, in a week or two, I’ll know if that maneuver is successful.  I do know that once I made the decision,  my sleep improved immediately.

Anyway,  the sewing I’ve been doing?  Halloween costumes.  Some preview pictures:

A family of vampires!  I have to cut out those chiffon sleeves tonight…
DH wanted skull buttons. So, they are on order. And, more pressing.
Did this last night for a fitting.  Need some adjustments, then I can press out those seams!

And, still fasting.  More than a year since I bought RTW.  The RTW fast ends at the end of this year, and I’d like some new workout clothes. I have no interest in making my own!