Like most people I keep pretty busy.  I have a cool job, a great family, etc, etc.  But one thing I’ve learned (slowly) since becoming a mom, is that I have to do something for myself.  Thus, I indulge in the creative side of things.  It helps keep me grounded.

My passions are cooking, gardening and sewing. I’ve been engaged in all three for as long as I can remember.  I remember canning the harvest with my great-grandmother, pulling weeds in my neighbor’s garden, and learning to sew with my great-grandmother, grandmother and mom.  My ability to spend time on these indulgences waxes and wanes, and often one activity dominates.  Right now, I only have time in the late evenings, so I sew clothes.

For more information about the women in the photo above, click on the inaugural post.


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