When did I start this one? Paco Peralta pant & jacket, V1526

I started Paco Peralta’s short sleeved jacket and pant (Vogue 1526) in August after returning from vacation.  I purchased the fabric and planned the project months and months before that. I finished hemming them Sunday, and wore them to work.  I’ve been that busy – just an hour every couple of days. I finished the big white shirt some time ago, but chose not to wear the full combo.  I did wear it with a pale peach linen top from New Look 6483 (modified view e.)

So, a brief post, with comments on construction and fabric, with a picture or five, but as I’d rather being sewing in my all-too-brief break from work, this will be short.

In process, collar.

Jacket fabric/notions:  I used a cotton blend tweed with black ribbon woven in from Marcy Tilton.  I saw it elsewhere, but it was two years ago, and long sold out.  I used a white silk crepe de chine for the lining, and the black silk/cotton fabric leftover from another project for the trim. It was fully interfaced with pro-weft light from Fashion Sewing Supply.  The large glass buttons are from Benno’s Buttons.

Getting that center back seam perfectly lined up.

Tank fabric/alterations:  the tank top is New Look 6483, view e, modified.  I added a shirt tail hem, and bound the armcyse and neckline.  The peach linen is from Gorgeous Fabrics, and I used the same black trim from the jacket to do the binding.

Pant fabric/alterations:  The fabric from the pants is from Emma One Sock, 2018, and is a burgundy/black cross weave wool suiting from Rag and Bone.  I did the Hong Kong finishes (different from directions) and pockets with the same black fabric from the jacket.

Construction notes, jacket:  This is really an easy jacket to put together and fun to make.  I especially like the in-seam buttons and the collar construction.  I’m really proud of the construction work on this one.  I did make a muslin, but gained weight (argh) before finishing, so I probably should have made a 14, not a 12, to prevent pulling at the waist.

Two points/errors in the directions/pattern.  The pattern envelope line drawings do not show a center back seam for the lowest (hip panel), but there is one.  This is only an issue since I needed to patch the “plaid” in the tweed.

Second, I found the instructions confusing when finishing the facing/hem in the jacket.  The directions led me to search around the internet, and my closet, for proper finishes.  I managed to make it work, but the pictures leave much to be desired. In some drawings, it shows one thing, and others, something different. In the last couple of pictures, it shows the facing unfinished.


How I finished it.

Constructions notes, pants: What can I say?  I LOVE these pants.  Perfect fit for me at a size 14, right out of the envelope.  Can I just say that Paco Peralto knew real women’s bodies?  Lovely, lovely faced pockets, an easy to create fly front, and construction like men’s trousers when it came to the center back seam.  You attach the waist facings to the two sides of the pants, then stitch the center back seam from the crotch notch all the way to the facing edge.  This way you can more easily alter the pants to take them in/let them out.  I love these pants and will be making more.


Additional pictures, some with wearing wrinkles:



I have little time, but loads of inspiration!

Well, the new position, along with preparing for hurricanes, means I have had little time for sewing regularly or for any extended periods of time.  I have had the week off because of Dorian, but so has the kiddo.  Still, I began to think about the next few dozen projects.

No really.  When I have no time to sew, I plan.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the projects I’m working on, or hope to complete:


The good news, some are already in progress.

  1. Vogue 1526, Paco Peralta short-sleeved jacket and pant (I made the shirt some time ago).  This is almost finished, as in hopefully this week.  Details coming up.
  2. The Kay Unger color block is up next, as an easy-do-right-now-option.  I’ll be doing it in black and white rayon ponte leftover from other projects.
  3. To the left of Kay Unger is a Molyneux vintage dress. I’ll be doing this in a gorgeous black/silver bamboo woven.  The pattern is vintage – and too small  – so a little pattern grading is in order.
  4. The Kwik Sew men’s coat is cut out.  I promised it two years ago to DH.  I’ve got to take the time to finish it.
  5. The Patterson Couturier will be in a a gorgeous plaid.
  6. The Guy Laroche suit (top left) is cut out and about half done.  I started it last spring, but it won’t be cold enough to wear it for several weeks.
  7. The Butterick summer dress in a Tori Richards rayon challis print for a Luau in October.
  8. The Paco Peralta zip front in a burgundy denim.
  9. The remaining three (bottom left):  Montana, LaRoche and Edith Head – I don’t have the right fabric for these yet.  And, I have many other patterns paired with projects I can work on until I do…

And, my plans usually get upended. I know there are another half dozen projects awaiting my attention, some cut, some long-desired. And I need a coat.  Hopefully, I get the first four on my list completed without deviating. After that, who knows.

And, no, we aren’t in any danger from Hurricane Dorian, though last week we were prepping in earnest!