My sewing space is a disaster…

I’d like to say I’ve been sewing, but I haven’t for about a month.  Too many things demanding my time, and I’ve been exhausted.  I mentioned I start a new job in the fall (at the same place), but parts of that job have already begun, while I continue with the old.  And when I don’t sew, I buy fabric.  Ooops.

In any case, this is the state of my sewing room with two abandoned – no just set aside for now – projects in disarray (the Guy Laroche suit and a skirt/top combo).


Work isn’t the only thing keeping me busy.  I’ve been working on two side projects as well.  Project #1 is scanning, organizing, and archiving all of the family photos.  My dad died a year ago tomorrow, and we’re still cleaning out the house.  I’ve scanned 1000 photos so far – photos that go back to the 1880s. I’m not kidding when I say there are about 3000 more to go (though I think many are duplicates).  It’s a challenging project, as many of the photos aren’t labeled, so I’ve been in contact with other relatives for help.  It’s also a joyous one!  I’m seeing my parents and grandparents as children and young adults.  It makes them more complex, interesting. I’ve also found pictures of my grandfather’s flight crew in World War II (Pacific theater), and I’m trying to locate their families so I can send them these snapshots.


Ed Guy and Crew
“October 1945 Okinawa. Rebuilding of Enlisted Men’s Tent of the Crew. After Typhoon. LtoR: Bill Maher, Joe Collins, George Magar and me.” (my grandfather)

Project #2 is the ongoing re-landscaping of our yard and garden.  My window for planting is nearly gone – it will soon be too hot for that.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of some of the fabrics I’m hoping to sew up in the next few weeks.  I have other projects mixed in there too, but I only pulled a few of the linens out for the time being.  I need tops/blouses, and I have some beautiful linen, silk, and cotton fabrics to make those.