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Visiting mom, easy pullover.

I just returned to Florida after visiting my mom in the nursing home in Tennessee.  I also spent two days with my brother cleaning out my parent’s home.  This weekend we focused on cleaning out their massive collection of genealogy records and started on the family photos.  Both are big tasks.  I’m taking over their research, and we plan to scan all the photos to distribute among family.  Here are two great photos of my parents as teenagers:

Visiting mom isn’t easy. She’s in her early 70s, but has late-stage dementia.  She doesn’t know who I am, exactly, but she was happy to see my brother and me.  The moment of real connection was after about 10 minutes when I said you need a hug.  I  leaned over to hug and kiss her, and she returned the hug.  But the hug was strong from her and warm.  It’s hard to describe, but it’s like her old self was there.  She said, “this is nice.”  She was a little like herself too, showing me around her “house” and trying to find a place where I could stay the night.  It was difficult to leave.


I knew it would be cold in Tennessee, so I made something, of course. I wore it as a jacket/ pullover all three days.  It’s very roomy – on the coldest day I had a long sleeve tee and regular sweatshirt on underneath!  I made Very Easy Vogue 9330 in a couple of hours last week.  I plan on making one for my mom to wear, too.


I had no problems with the pattern, though there is one error!  The pattern pieces are printed with instructions to hem 1/4 inch.  The instructions say 1.25 inches.  I went with the larger hem.  I made it a medium (size 12/14) with no alterations.  The sleeves are long – though they appear 3/4 on the pattern envelope, they skim my wrists.

I  often build Lego kits with my son.  And when I do, I sometimes think they have additional blocks to build a regular block so they can “up the difficulty” with more pieces.  This pattern is similar.  You could easily cut the back on a fold to eliminate a seam.  To get a slimmer look, you could eliminate the side and under arm panels.  You could add a sporty look with top-stitching (I top-stitched the hems, after serging).


Another note: you don’t get the sleeve shaping shown in the drawings on the front – and you’ll note there is no shaping in the line drawings.  The sleeve opening is MUCH wider as well.

Last, the fabric:  a cotton/rayon/poly blend French terry from Emma One Sock.  I really like it (and she still had some two days ago).  It’s soft and drapey, but it does shed.  I stitched all seams on my regular machine and serged to finish the seams. The pattern recommends sweatshirt fleece, ponte, or wool knit with 35% stretch, but the amount of ease really negates the need for stretch mostly.

I took these photos after arriving home from the airport, so forgive the wrinkles and fatigue.




3 replies on “Visiting mom, easy pullover.”

Thank you. My grandmother and great-grandmother succumbed to dementia as well, so I have been here. I made peace with my mom’s situation a couple of years ago. Now I am grateful for the good days. I felt lucky to have felt her old presence in that hug last Friday. It is strange how we process grief, as it was very difficult and different with my dad’s unexpected passing last April. Both are why I stepped back at work though- to spend more quality time with my son.

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