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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Ah, the year-end reflective post.  Every year it’s the same: didn’t sew enough, need to work on this or that, plan to do X in the future.  Well it’s true.

This year, my plans, as always, were ambitious.  Health and family issues kept me away from the machine, but I managed to continue stockpiling fabrics.  Actually, I practiced restraint until Gorgeous Fabrics announced the farewell sale.

I find that when I sew, all areas of my life bloom.  My creativity increases in all areas.  My cooking is more adventurous.  I start ripping out plants in the yard (working on a Florida friendly habitat).  And my work productivity goes way up.

I did not sew much last year, but I did tackle a few old projects and worked on more ambitious projects, like two Rucci outfits, a couple of dresses using couture, and the Donna Karan jacket.  I haven’t had a need for much, so haven’t felt as driven.

This year, the need is still low to moderate, but the desire is high.  I  will continue to focus on outfits that are appropriate for work, my climate, and for tooling around town.  We’re planning a big overseas trip, so travel clothes are on the agenda.  More linen.  More cotton.  I have my eye on Paco Peralta, plus Vintage Balmain, Dior and Montana (and, and, and).  I need something for a wedding in California in March (a guipure skirt and silk top?) We’ll see what happens!

I feel my sewing skills are improving – at least on the technical level.  I still feel challenged with the serger.  And the biggest issue I have is fitting the self.  I have no fitting partner, and my body shape is changing as I go through menopause.  I have finally recognized that I need to sew for now, not the body I think I’ll have if I lose a couple pounds, flatten the tummy, tone the legs.  Well-fitting clothing is far more flattering than beautifully made clothes that pull and are uncomfortable. I find myself shopping Nordstrom for fill-in pieces (that also don’t fit well, but …)

I never really join in the various contests on the interwebs.  But this year I’ll be participating in the ready-to-wear fast Sarah Gunn is sponsoring at Goodbye Valentino.  The rules are fairly permissive:  I can wear what I have, just not buy anything new (accept accessories).  I have a decent closet and I know how to sew… so Goodbye Nordstrom (for clothes anyway).

Here’s to 2018!

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