When to set aside a project?

In this case, when I can’t muster the enthusiasm to work on it and keep thinking of the next project.  I’m afraid that I will be sloppy as a result.

I’ve been working on the top to Vogue 1213, in a beautiful, easy to work with 3 ply silk crepe.  I love the blouse and I will finish it – in fact I don’t have far to go and I’m not putting it completely away.

You see, when I started this project, work was calm.  Then it became a storm – a hurricane.  I think I may have found one hour in an entire month to sew.  And now that things have calmed a bit, I’m not interested in working on it.  Part of the problem is that my brain has moved on to the next project.  And part is that the formal part of my job has ended for a few months (I’ll be working from home) and I don’t need a silk blouse right now.  I need summer dresses.

So here it is, and I do plan to finish it:


Why do you put something aside?



3 thoughts on “When to set aside a project?

  1. That blouse will be beautiful when the time comes to finish it. Why do I put things aside? Because I hate the fabric. Because I don’t see a future for it in my wardrobe. Because it’s an epic fail… fabric, design, or a combination of the two.

    Recently I’ve decided that I just need to sew. If it works for me, excellent. If it fits into my lifestyle and wardrobe, wonderful! And if it does neither, I’ve decided I’m just going to make. And enjoy it. And give the garments away if they need to be so someone else can enjoy them. 🙂

    1. I agree – just need to sew. It’s very calming. And I’m okay giving things to charity. After two outings I’ve decided to give the Rucci jacket I just made away. And there are things that just don’t fit that are unfinished that I’ll finish for that reason.

  2. Ah…I guess there are really only two reasons that I stop a project.
    1: I have to pick out a lot of stitches. I hate it. Every time I need to do it, I ask… is it really worth it?
    2: I’m trying to do something, and it’s not working. Sometimes I’ll let a project sit for months, even years. Somehow, in the back of my mind I’m still working on it. Then, when inspiration strikes, I finish it. It makes me feel like I got a “quick win” because the prior time spent is forgotten.
    : )

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