General gardening

Survived the freeze…

Yes, yes, I know… world’s smallest violin. But this is not normal for this time of year in Florida. We get winter temps below freezing, but it hasn’t been winter here in a month.  We broke our  record low by more than 7 degrees on the Ides of March (25 degrees, and we’ve been below freezing three nights in a row).  This might not mean much to many of you, but we’ve got crops in the ground and the citrus are in full bloom.  So, if you like your veggies and orange juice, and it’s not coming from California or Mexico, it’s coming from here.

But we did okay! I covered my plants (though not the trees, too big).  Some cold damage, but we came out okay.  Here are some (iPhone) pictures.     More sewing later.

Empress of India Nasturtium

Mexican Midget Tomato

Pentas (Egyptian Starflower)

Cucumbers are up!

Meyer Lemon

Kaffir Lime

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