Which dress for a party? Time-hop.

My in-laws will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in August!  Yay (my parents did 50 last year).  They’ve decided to have a party in the southeast, at a planetarium.  The theme: “Across Time and Space.”  There’s no requirement for formal or even cocktail wear, but you can if you want.  They’re telling their guests that they can dress from whichever decade they so desire… which means… SEWING CHALLENGE!

Now, I love to dress up!  And I love to make pretty things.  So I went through my stash of patterns and selected a few patterns.  I can dress up/down with fabric/trim choices.  And if I don’t finish?  No problem, I already have a back up in my closet.

So will you help me choose?  Leave a note about your fave in the comments.


From left to right:  Vogue 1128, Patou; Vogue 1340 (Balmain); Vogue 1931 (Cardin); Vogue 2249 (Pucci). The first two seem dressy, though I have almost completed Vogue 1128.  The fabric is a bit too dressy though (but pretty!):

Where I left off on the Patou. The shoulders are pinned together, the belt is missing and I have a whole lot of fixing to do.

1980s-1990s (nothing from the 70s, that I already owned, made the cut, but feel free to suggest):

My younger sister wore the Kasper (Vogue 1623) to her prom in the 80s – long, bubblegum pink, poly satin.  I have a nice mesh net that would work for the skirt.  In that one, and the Vera Wang (Vogue 2291), I would make short versions.


And, finally, the last 16 (!) years.   Vogue 2001 (Platt); Vogue 1267 (Platt); Vogue 1432 (Unger) and Vogue 1498 (Finetti).

Help me decide!