Sewing into the New Year!

My sewing mojo is back.  I just cut out Marfy 1913 in a vintage-y floral chiffon, and I’m eager to start.  But I have to pack for a work trip and prep my presentation, so I thought I would jot down some thoughts about this year and the last and then get to work.

I really didn’t read my “goals” from last year once they were posted.  Sure, they were in the back of my mind, but I didn’t really pay attention to them.  Mid-way through the year, my plans changed toward filling in the gaps in my wardrobe.

I didn’t sew down my stash, I added to it, but somehow managed to come out even/only slightly above in yardage (lots of things didn’t get blogged, like home decor items).  I am more careful about the pieces I choose, thinking about how they fit my new climate (I have some gorgeous wool in the stash but a 4-6 week winter).  I am sewing more appropriately for my climate and lifestyle.  I have not done much in the way of incorporating more classic vintage – just modern that I hope will be classic! I am taking more care to finish projects well – though my UFO pile did grow this year.  And no classes on fitting, but more muslins.

So this year?  Continue sewing for my lifestyle.  I have fewer gaps in the  wardrobe, but they exist.  I’ve been relying on RTW to fill in the gaps when I can find something I like of decent quality.  This takes the pressure off to sew constantly for necessity.

My main goal is to take my time and create beautiful items that I will love to wear.  To keep my attitude on the beauty and specialness, and not worry so much if I might or do fail.  That’s temporary. I’ll only get better if I don’t give up.



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