Alice & Olivia, Take 2 (Vogue 2811 oop)

Alice and Olivia
Alice and Olivia

In September, I ordered a skirt from Nordstrom.  The fit was off, and the fabric was of low quality.  I returned it.  I didn’t matter that it was low cost, I knew I could do better.  And then Ann, from Gorgeous Fabrics, posted a very similar fabric/pattern.  I had already made one version of Vogue 2811, and even though the fit was never right, I wear the skirt all the time.  I made that version in a linen, but the pattern envelop called for something heavier, including home decor fabric.  I had a match.


Last time I made a size 14, thinking I needed the ease. I was wrong, and I had all kinds of gaping on the back.  This time I made a 12, fitting as I went – but I didn’t have to.  (I bought a Fitbit, and my shape is changing, making fitting  an ongoing issue, which means I should make a muslin.  I just cut wider seams, basting first).


I made the longer version, but with the button closure instead of hooks and eyes, and lengthened it 3 inches.  I left off the pockets.  I edge-stitched to hold down the seams, but since the detail was lost, I didn’t do the additional top stitching.

And yes, I had to match a CF and CB seam.  Pretty proud of my work here.  Couldn’t quite get the same result with the waistband, but I’m pretty pleased.

The center back seam, edge-stitched.

Only weird thing, and this happened the last time too.  I followed the directions precisely, and the fly facing is too short.  I doesn’t have to be… I just think they have you sew the bottom too short (the dot is too high).


I don’t have a blouse to match – working on that. When I finish, I’ll post a picture of the skirt/blouse on me.