Calling it quits on McCall’s M6963

I don’t like to give up, but this is one time I will.  McCall’s 6963 has been well reviewed elsewhere.  Given my success with another Palmer Pletsch top, I thought it would work for me.  It just does not.  Here’s the line art:

Line Art
Line Art from McCall’s webpage, M6963.

I made view C, with short sleeves in a super comfy awesome black silk jersey I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics several years ago (I have a little left, so perhaps something else).  I was unable to get any good pictures – black is hard to photograph.

Aside from just not flattering me (and cowl necks often work for me), here are some of the problems I encountered:

  1.  The back neckline just stretched out and would not sit flat without gapping.
  2.  I cut a size 12, same as the other t-shirt, but got serious pulling across the bust points.  I’m a straight B cup  (really barely a B cup), so a FBA does not even enter my imagination.  Almost every review I read was from bustier gals, all of whom did the FBA.  I let out the side seams, but just couldn’t make it work. BTW, I measure a 10 for shoulders, grading to a 12 waist/hips, but this one was too narrow at the shoulders for me at a 10.  I didn’t tissue fit or make a muslin, so my bad.
  3. I think for this top to really work, you need to do the deeper cowl.  The shorter cowl isn’t very flattering.  I chose it because I’m smaller chested and worried about the flashing issue when I lean over.

So, I’ll hem it and donate it.  I may try it again in the deeper cowl, but I don’t know.  Meanwhile, my sewing agenda is super full:

  1. Star Wars costumes for the whole family (finished the 4 yo, the only one that matters).
  2. Figure out how to resolve the button placket and finish the silk blouse.
  3. I’ve figured out the fitting issues from the Alice and Olivia skirt I made last year and made a new version.  It needs a hem and final pressing.
  4.  A light weight jacket now that the mornings are cool.
  5. A pant and blouse combo.
  6. And more, and more and more.

2 thoughts on “Calling it quits on McCall’s M6963

  1. Sorry this didn’t work out for you. I made the similar McCalls 6282 with the higher neckline.

    I’m an A with size 12 shoulders and 14 hips and used a rayon lycra. The fit was great,
    but I will do the neckline construction order my own way next time. The stretchy fabric starts high in the morning and, by evening, ends about as low as I would be comfortable wearing in public. Office to evening wear transition built in!

    I’m behind in blogging. I made it in Jan 2014 and still haven’t posted pix on my blog. You can see the matching skirt and another top in the same fabric. (I often sew 2 tops for every bottom.)

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