Help from my fellow sewists!

I’m making McCalls 6755, the top, in silk charmeuse. It’s an easy make, even with the slippery fabric.   I’m doing French seams and finishing the edges of the facings with a hong kong finish.  I ran into two problems.

First, the button placket.  I followed the directions, but you can see how awful it looks. (I didn’t stitch down yet).

Second, in the photo you can see how the edges of the facings are stiff and don’t lie flat (kind of bumpy).

Solutions anyone? Please?


5 thoughts on “Help from my fellow sewists!

  1. I usually unpick stitches until the lumps go away and then press the problem area until it is blocked into the correct position. Then I handstitch any open seam areas so I don’t get back into the same problem I started with.

  2. I usually don’t do a lapped button placket, but instead opt for a loop and button, or to overlap a tab at the top instead. See a challenging sew blog on the Marfy free blouse sew along for very nice instructions.

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