Cafe Society Skirt (Vogue 7910 OOP)

The fabric, Vogue 7910, and the top that wasn’t.

I’ve been having trouble sewing lately.  Wanting to sew, or too tired to sew, or having failures.  In fact, I keep setting aside projects the moment something goes wrong instead of working things through and learning from it. We have a new puppy (now 16 weeks), who also makes sewing a challenge (all those cords are just so yummy and spools of thread?).  It’s hard to focus when the puppy is whimpering for attention.  And part of the problem with my sewing is that I’m still learning the serger.  I finished this skirt a couple of weeks ago, with no problems, but have been waiting to finish a top to do an outfit post.


The skirt is view C of Vogue’s 7910 oop full skirt.  You can just see the view in the picture above (sorry still haven’t remedied the photo issues). I’ve made this skirt before in a lovely digital linen, but I have absolutely worn it out.  I love wearing it.  So a new one was in order.

The fabric is a linen-cotton blend from Marcy Tilton (still available as of this moment). It’s got a fun print of tables and umbrellas and flowers.  The fabric has some body, but also shows your legs if you stand in the light, so I underlined it in cotton batiste.  The description says no lingerie show through, and I think that’s right, it’s just being back lit (and I’m on stage at work).  This gives it even more body, helps with the transparency issues and helps reduce wrinkles (but it will wrinkle).


This is a straightforward, easy skirt, with no fitting issues (for me). I sewed a size 12.  Some people on Pattern Review mentioned that the waistline “grew” on them – I’d recommend stay-stitching the tops of the pieces before you get started.  It’s essentially a six-gore skirt, and the pieces are on the bias, or near bias, so I stitched the seams, then I let it hang for 24 hours before finished the waist and hem.

The backside blurry iPhone photo.

I also didn’t not do the quarter inch top stitching on the long seams – just the pockets. I still did the pockets, and stayed the pocket edge with organza selvages, to help keep the pockets from stretching out.

As for the top – McCalls 7127?  Ugh. I’m hoping it’s not a wadder.  But I basted the pieces together, and it’s not flattering AT ALL.  I used a white medium weight organic cotton. It’s sitting in my sewing closet for when I feel like revising and revisiting.  I’m working on McCalls 6963 in a black silk jersey for this skirt, but had some fitting issues.  They’ve been resolved, but something else got started in the meantime. I will finish it later this week.  Meanwhile, the blouse in the photos is from Banana Republic a couple of years ago, the ballet flats (so necessary with all the walking I do at work as well) are Steve Madden, this season (or summer) from Nordstrom.