Little Boys, PJs, and Star Wars

IMG_1272My son is a Star Wars fanatic.   Not yet four, never seen the movies, but LOVES Star Wars  – in Lego form preferably.  So I made him Star Wars PJs.

The Pattern:  Blank Slate Lazy Day Pajamas, size 4T.

IMG_1278The Fabric: a cotton from JoAnns with Imperial and Rebel ships, including the Millennium Falcon.  Not intended for sleepwear.

My Thoughts: 

  • Easy enough, though not without issues.  The shorts were super easy.
  • The fit for 4T was spot-on, unlike the McCalls PJs (6236) I made at Christmas.  Though he’s grown, it’s been in height, not girth, so he still swims in those.
  • I made tons of changes for the pattern – no cuffs – he needed shorts/short sleeves since its summer here; no piping.
  • No grains lines or match points for the pattern. Could have used more for the shirt.
  • Attaching the collar and facing was not easy – in fact, I think I did something wrong or the facing is drafted wrong.  It does not fit the top/neckline.  I had to add some “darts” in the facing at the shoulders to get it to lay flat – excess fabric.  Because of this, I won’t be making it again.
  • This gave me more practice using the new serger on finishing seams, which is good.

IMG_1274Of course, he doesn’t care about the issues, he has Star Wars pjs.  But he wouldn’t sit still for photos. (He really didn’t want his picture taken).

BTW, I am looking for suggestions for good quality men and boy’s patterns.

Next up,  a simple linen skirt.  I’m still working too much and exhausted, so simple items for a while before getting back to complex and interesting sewing.

No sewing, all work; Going to Chicago!

I’m insanely busy with work these days, and haven’t been able to sew in a few weeks (though I did start some pjs for the little guy).

Anyway, I’m going to Chicago for work for a few days and may have time to shop.  Staying in the Loop – any suggestions for fabrics and trims (accessible via the El)?