More Fitting Questions – the narrow back?

M6796, Misses' Tops

This is my next project:  McCalls 6796.

This is what many tops look like on me, without alteration (a bit worse actually, since my shoulder are narrow). Essentially, excess fabric about the waist.  I’ve a few books on fitting, and they suggest this is a narrow back adjustment.  That is, if I read and interpret the drawings/photos correctly.

Thoughts anyone?  Suggestions?  Please comment!


2 thoughts on “More Fitting Questions – the narrow back?

  1. Hi Suzanne,
    I don’t have a narrow back, but do have a sway back. I get the same pooling of fabric at the waistline if I don’t make a sway back adjustment. You might want to try eliminating some width and length to get a better fit.

  2. Thanks – when I made it (not yet blogged), I took out width from the shoulders, as well as throughout the back. This sweater is described as closefitting, but has nearly 8 inches of ease at the waist (no wonder it pooled on the model). I also shortened it. Much better! I’ve got a dress on deck with princess seaming in the back – hopefully I’ll be able make the adjustments on the muslin first.

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