Another McCall’s 6844


When I first saw the pattern release for McCalls 6844, I had in mind making something for work.  The first version I made, for Thanksgiving, is fine, but not exactly what I was thinking.  Still, I’m glad I made it first.  While I like it, it’s too warm for most days (hey, I’m in Florida).  In addition, while the peplum is okay, I don’t think it’s as flattering on me as I thought it would be.  This meant the next version would be Version A.

Please excuse the suitcase wrinkles!
Please excuse the suitcase wrinkles!

When I saw this chevron metellasse at EmmaOneSock, I snatched it up.  When I received it, I loved it (still do), and seriously considered using it for something else.  It’s an interesting fabric.  I’ve never seen, much less used metellasse before.  It’s very stable, with good stretch, but almost feels and wears like a woven.  It feels like three layers – it’s definitely two.  The top layer feels like a thin burnout jersey, a middle layer of soft, fluffy, threads/fill, and then a black tricot backing.  I pulled it apart and tried to photograph it (but not well!).

???????????????????????????????In any case, while the peplum version was a bit snug, this knit fit differently.   I cut the medium (I’m a 12 in Vogue), but it hung on me, especially in the back, sides and shoulders.  Looking more closely, I saw that the shoulders were definitely too wide for me.  I had already sewn the sleeves in flat, and rather than take out the stitching, I sewed a new seam 1/8″ inch (slightly more) in from the old.  This narrowed the shoulders just enough.  If I hadn’t bee lazy, I would have ripped the sleeve out and trimmed the shoulder seams and back armcyse seam 1/4 inch.  When I sewed the side/sleeve seam, I took the side seam in 1/2 inch (one inch total each seam).

???????????????????????????????These adjustments made the jacket far less boxy on me, though my MIL thought I should add darts  for shaping in the back.  If I make this again (and I may/may not), I will make a narrow back adjustment.

Other than sewing in the sleeves flat, I didn’t make any changes.  I wish I had taken the time to hand sew the hem.  It would have looked better.  I can’t seem to avoid the wavy hem when I machine stitch on knits.

The collar not lay flat all the way to the bottom (nor on the peplum), but looking at the line drawings, they aren’t supposed to.  I ended up lightly pressing the shawl collar so it’s styled a bit differently.

All in all I like it and it is a great wardrobe builder. I’ve worn it with jeans and a t-shirt, as well as with a black skirt and top.  A bit conservative, but not too much.


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