Fitting Questions; Update on the Rucci (Vogue 1239); other projects…

So, any recommendations for fitting classes on Craftsy or elsewhere anyone?  Of course, fitting the self is very difficult to do without a partner.  I have reference books – Pants for Real People, Perfect Fitting Guide and Vogue Sewing Guide, but will entertain suggestions there as well.

I ask, because I cut out and nearly finished sewing another version of McCalls 6844. Recall, I did this cardi for Thanksgiving.  That one fit fine, in fact, was a bit snug.  So I made this version (A, but same pattern pieces), without regard to fit.  Different type knit, very different fit.  It’s a tad too big across the shoulders, has folds in the back, originating from the arms, and something that only can be described as chicken wings/waddle under the arms pits.  My MIL will be here tomorrow so I’ll run it by her, but I think I first need to take in the shoulder/armcyse seam just slightly, then circumference from the bust to the waist.  BTW, I cut a medium (normally I’m a 12), but a small would have been too small.  Since I set the sleeves in flat, it shouldn’t be too onerous to rip the side/arm seams out to make these changes.

When my MIL is here, I’m also going for a complete set of measurements, especially those that are impossible to do without help. I’m pretty convinced that my back is narrower than the front (if that makes any sense).

So, my before Christmas challenge?  I finished everything that I could (ran out of beads on the tree skirt) except the Rucci dress (Vogue 1239). I even made Lola, which wasn’t planned.  Finishing the Rucci dress before my trip to New Orleans won’t happen without rushing it, which I don’t want to do.  But I only need to cut, sew and insert the lining.  Soon!


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