Sewing Goals 2015 (Resolutions?)

I’m seeing so many fun retrospectives…  but since I only started blogging this year, I thought I’d write about what I want to accomplish in the New Year.

  1. Sew down my stash!  Seriously, My closet is overflowing with about 200 yards of fabric. That’s way too much.
  2. Sew down my unfinished list.  Right now there are ten items, not including the Rucci.  Top of the must finish list:  pants for my husband, the raincoat, and the Patou dress.
  3. Finish every project with the same energy and enthusiasm with which I start.  Often times, I am so eager to move on to the next thing, that I’m not careful and end up making errors that compromise the finished quality.
  4. Make more garments that fit my lifestyle and my new climate.  That means linen, cotton, silk and short sleeves.  I need clothes for work, and clothes for play. I also need professional garments that have an edge to them (not frumpy, not boring).  I’m in front of an audience of young adults all the time, and impressions do matter (if I want to get them to listen to me).
  5. Mix more modern and vintage looks.
  6. Get over my fear of pants and shirts (button front).
  7. Work more on my Achilles heal – fitting.  I don’t have a fitting partner anymore, so I purchased a Craftsy class on dress forms.  Hopefully that will help.

I’m sure there are more things I can do.  I’m hoping to get more feedback from others out there over time, as well, but I do learn from their blogs.


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