Christmas Stockings and Tree Skirt (McCalls 3777)


An unplanned project. I just decided to do it.  Actually, I’ve been meaning to do this for years, but never found the right plaid.  I originally planned to do it in the Scottish tartan of my husband’s family.  I decided against it for two reasons: one, the cost of a proper wool tartan is up there! and two, his aunt told me that they really weren’t sure which of the many different variations on the name they were.

So, I used a blue poly acetate plaid from Gorgeous Fabrics.  I trimmed it in white with a (really) faux white poly suede from Joann’s.  The beads are from a local bead store, and the braid trim is from MJ Trimming.  Both the interlining and lining were from my stash.

Because I didn’t plan it, I kept running out of things (the plaid was in my stash, but I didn’t have enough, and completely miscalculated on the beads and braid).


I made six of the stockings – which are quite large.  My 3.5 yo son called them giant socks (“that’s so silly, hanging giant socks on the fireplace”). The interlining gives the stockings body, but I wish I had used some interfacing in the cuffs of the stockings, as they “collapsed” while hanging.  The lining (a bemberg), gave a nice slick inside to the stockings that helped my son slide out his trinkets.


I also made the tree skirt.  The stockings are finished, but the tree skirt is not, as you can see in the pictures.  I ran out of beads, and the local store wouldn’t have any more until January. So I left the opening basted together at the “neck” of the skirt, and didn’t apply the braid (it was too short, but I pinned it in place for the effect). This way, I can finish making the snowflakes next year.

My attempts at matching the plaid were half-hearted.  I did very well on the stockings, and far less well on the skirt.  My MIL said not to worry, it will be covered in presents!  Had it been a garment, I would have tried much harder.

All in all, I was pleased with the result!  A vast improvement over what I had before, and very pretty in effect.  Unfortunately, it was cloudy and rainy (unusual for us) and I couldn’t get the lighting right in the pictures.


As for the pattern – I probably didn’t need one, but it did give me the basis of what to do.  I didn’t follow the directions – the words and pictures disagreed with one another in places. It also had you turn down the cuffs and add lace, which I didn’t like.  My fireplace is big, and I wanted the stockings big. This allowed me to use the braid instead.



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