Thanksgiving Part III: McCall’s 6844 & Vogue 8750 Pictures

We’re back.  My grandfather (in his 90s) was thrilled to host 24 or so for Thanksgiving yesterday.  It’s been decades since I can remember that many children playing on fields surrounding the circa 1890s farmhouse.  It was renovated when I was a kid in the 70s (to add plumbing – I remember having to use the outhouse – and other modern conveniences).  But it still looks the same as when I was a kid – there is something reassuring about that, since I grew up an Army brat.  Of course the fields weren’t planted – it was winter – and you can see the new homes built over the last ten years.

My grandfather seemed pleased  at all the ruckus, and as I stood in the chilly wind watching the children play chase and football and try to climb the trees, it brought back a flood of memories from when I was that small. I still can’t believe nothing was broken in the house!  The kids were oblivious to everything and just had so much fun in the outdoors.

I promised some pictures of me in the outfit I made.  These pictures were taken in the same living room as the one above with my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  Of course, that was pre-renovation, but the decor was the same.  I would have had more photos taken, but, well, you know how it goes.  Hope everyone had a good day!

IMG_1037web IMG_1039web

PS: I need to find a salon.  My hair needs a cutting/coloring!


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