Quick question about interfacing… The Rucci dress (V1239)

So, I’m finally back to the Rucci dress.  I’ve made nearly every construction decision necessary, such us stitch length, etc.  However, when testing the fabric, I’ve decided that I want to add a little bit of interfacing to the neckline.

The dress is faced with self fabric from the back of the neck to the hem, and along the bottom panel of the dress/hem.  I would like to “interface” with silk organza, as well as add selvedges to stay the neckline.  Most fusibles are applied to the facings – should I do this with the sew in silk organza as well?

I’m tempted to underline the entire thing in organza instead.  When I tested the seams/needle/stitch length & edge stitching, I tested with organza and without.  The organza doesn’t add weight or much stiffness (the silk poplin is already fairly stiff), but the seams were smoother and flatter (and more professional looking) with the organza.  I decided to ditch the topstitching and just edge, and that also helps.

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3 thoughts on “Quick question about interfacing… The Rucci dress (V1239)

  1. I think the interfacing certainly won’t hurt – this dress really relies on a crisp fabric! I’d be inclined to put the interfacing on the facings as you suggest, if only because it’s going to be easier. Not an expert though, and when I made this one I didn’t use any interfacing at all. Amazingly it worked, mainly thanks to all the decorative stitching. Good luck and keep us posted.

  2. Thanks! I think I will just attach the silk organza to the facings. The silk poplin is crisp, but I just want to make sure the neckline doesn’t gap (it didn’t on the muslin, but you know how that goes). I’ve been slow to really get into this project (it took forever just to cut out). But now my mojo is strong and I don’t want to do anything else! BTW – I love your blog Catherine, and your sense of style!

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