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The Halloween Post.

This year. The little guy (3yo) is sound asleep.  He had a big day, what with Halloween at school, plus trick or treating with dad.  This morning he said he wanted to be a fireman, but surprised me when he decided to wear the bat costume he requested and I made for him.  (I told him he could wear last year’s costume if he wanted, but he chose the new one).

McCalls 4951

I love doing Halloween costumes. It is what finally brought me back into sewing. Halloween is such fun, and if you make your own, you can be so much more creative and imaginative. The little guy selected the fabric, and I think he thought he had to have the same as the pattern envelop.  But whew – slick, shiny fabric, with glitter – a real challenge to sew and left my sewing room a mess.  The directions were okay – but if you followed them, the results weren’t going to be so great.  The set-in sleeves, especially with the slick fabric, were a real challenge.  But he LOVED it and was proud to wear it to school and tell all his friends.

Last year?  I didn’t make him his costume last year.  We were all going to a Halloween costume party wear the costumes were taken seriously.  He wanted to be a fireman – and wanted us to be firemen too. I didn’t have time to make three matching costumes (and couldn’t find adult versions), so I purchased them.  But when he was one, I went with the classic Simplicity 8814 dinosaur (copyright 1998):

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

And previous Halloweens.  Where we used to live, we had a friend who threw serious Halloween parties and some of the costumes were pretty amazing.  The first year we went we didn’t know better so threw something together.  After that, we planned out our costumes.  By far, our two best costume sets were these:


I made both colonial costumes, using remnants from the local fabric store. I used Butterick 3072 for my husband, and Simplicity 4092 for me.  I had no idea how men’s sizing worked!  I bought something way too small and had to grade for the first time.  By the way, we were dressed as George Mason and his wife Ann. Mason was one of the “quiet” patriots for the revolution. At the time, we lived right next to the university that bears his name.  No matter.  Everyone said he was George Washington. And me?  Was I Marie Antoinette?  Couldn’t be Martha Washington, could you?

A couple of years later, we decided to go as TV characters – Jeanne and Major Nelson.  I ended up buying his costume from ebay, but making mine.  I had never drafted my own pattern before.  I used photos from the web,  a pattern for shorts and a jacket pattern as base, but basically draped muslin and went from there.  Just a couple days after the picture was taken, we found out I was pregnant with the little guy! So, in one sense, it was his first Halloween!

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