Time just flies… upcoming projects

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been 11 days and I’ve made no progress on the Rucci dress.  Work has been crazy, and I expect it to continue for a couple weeks.  The weather is so lovely, that when I have a moment, I want to go outside.  And my dear little boy gave up naps, so that time is also gone (for work or personal time).  Anyway, hoping to get back on track soon.

So, I’m publicly committing my next few projects:

  1. Finish the little guy’s halloween costume (McCalls 4951, the bat).
  2. Finish the Rucci dress.
  3. Finish the grey rain coat (we’re in the dry season, but it will get cool soon).  Progress shot here.
  4. A pair of pants.  I’ve lost half the weight I gained in the move, and neither my “new” nor my “old” pants fit.  I’ve got some beautiful wool from Gorgeous Fabrics, and I think I will start with Very Easy Vogue 8717.  I made the jacket last year in a turquoise silk tweed, and I love it. I made the high waist pencil skirt from the Ann Klein II pattern here in the wool to go with the jacket, and it gets rave reviews when I wear it. When I finish the pants, I’ll post pictures of the jacket with the skirt and the pants.
  5. Another skirt for my niece.  She loved the pink flounce denim, but it was just too big.  So she will hold on to it for later (reviewers at PatternReview suggested it ran big).  Her mom suggested switching to an elastic waist, so I’m looking at some knits.  Would love suggestions.

After that, who knows. Probably another skirt, maybe finish the white linen blouse and make some tops.  Or tackle a suit.  Or even a winter coat.


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