Knits and Necklines (View C, top, Vogue 1389)…

Last night I cut out the muslin for Wrapapalooza, but realized the machine was still set to go with a knit top I’d been working on.  In this case, I was making the top from Vogue 1389.  It’s the second time I’ve made it.  Last time was in a linen knit, and it came out fine.  This time, a heavier, but far stretchier, black cotton jersey knit.

First, this top is snug.  If you like a close fit, that’s what you’re going to get (I think I did 3/8 inch seams with the linen because of the stretch, but definitely went 5/8 here).  Second, I followed Vogue’s instructions for attaching the neck band (in the round)… cutting carefully, marking carefully and stretching, stretching, stretching to fit.  No go.  Doesn’t lie flat.  Looks terrible.

Anyone want to point me to some good tutorials?  Leave a comment, please!


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