Lesson learned from a major move…

Whew, I’m almost unpacked – even have the sewing room all ready to go. I’m loving my new sub-tropical climate, and it has be thinking about my closet. In my old house, my clothes were scattered across multiple rooms and closets. It was an old home, with small closets. Now, all my clothes are in a single walk-in closet (that I do not share) and I really can see what I have.

What have I learned? I have a lot of clothes, including many I’ve made. But my wardrobe is full of things, pieces, not a coherent wardrobe that speaks to who I am. I need to pare down, re-develop a style, and acquire/make items that work better together.

I learned that I have several suits, but few blouses to go with them. Lots of cute skirts, of varying fits, mostly me-made. Not many good dresses (in terms of fit, style, casual, work or cocktail). And pants! I love a good pair of pants, but I only had one pair (of five) that really work for me anymore.

So, it’s time to clean out (yeah, shoulda done it before the move). And it’s time to reconsider how I want to use my stash, what I should be sewing next. (And then there’s all those unfinished items). I need a coordinated wardrobe.

Anyway, I’m still exhausted from the move. I have blog posts on gardening (old and new homes) and one on a cocktail party we had before we left in the works…


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