Maybe one more thing before I pack up?

This is a busy time for me at work.   Most nights I’m too tired to think about sewing.  But I’ve decided to add some additional excitement!  My husband and I were offered jobs in another state, or 750+ miles away, and we accepted.  So, we’re getting our house ready to put on the market, and house hunting too. Again, during a very busy time at our current employment.

This means I’ve been putting in some hours in the garden – I’ll post some pictures before we leave.  We’re going to a very different climate, so I’m excited to learn about the new gardening possibilities.  But each walk in the yard, or glance through the kitchen window, is a chance to say goodbye to the gardens I’ve designed and grown for the past nine years.  Beautiful spring bulbs, flowering dogwoods, gorgeous azaleas.  The hostas are huge this year, as are the bleeding hearts.  I love my little oasis!

It also means packing away my sewing room.  I know I can’t keep it “market” ready and clean.  Sewing room needs to be a bedroom. So, away table, away machine; pattern and fabric stashes boxed away.  Unfinished projects stored again.  The realtor absolutely loves the unfinished grey trench/rain coat currently living on my dress form – maybe I can hold out and try to finish in ten days or less, pack boxes and stage a house?

I will finish one more project though.  I hope to hem a knit dress tomorrow.  I’ll blog about my misadventures with that dress then.  But it (and maybe the trench/raincoat) will be the last thing until we close on both houses and make a move … maybe August?  Hopefully sooner.