The Past, the Present, and the Future

The Past:  I was cleaning out some boxes over the weekend, when I found three unfinished projects.  One, this skirt, was nearly finished:

ImageThe other two were cut out and still pinned to the tissue (shame on me!)  Judging by the size cut, fabric choices, and the styles, this was from the days immediately following college.  This means that these unfinished projects have moved to seven states.  I’m not sure I could have fit into them even then!  Interestingly, I did make this skirt (sized up) about two months ago in an amazing black wool twill, underlined with black CDC.  I wore it to work two weeks ago and got huge compliments (though it was a bit short).   Alas, I tossed the unfinished projects, as I would never fit into them and the fabrics were of pretty low quality.


The Present: This is my International Cut Into That Fabric Day project.

ImageI’ve already written about this project, in View C.  This was coming along well.  I finished the lining and the shell.  Then came the set in sleeves.  Even though I reduced the ease in the sleeve cap before cutting (as recommended for a coated fabric), I still have “puckers and gathers”.  The fabric is not amenable to steam shrinking.  I had hoped to finish it by now, but I’m not looking forward to the tedium of pulling out the stitches (and yes, I did baste them in before stitching).  Not sure what to do, though one sleeve went in almost perfectly.  I guess that means gather my energy and do it again.

I am losing interest in this project, since it will be far too warm to wear it before long.  It has more than 80 steps, by the way! Not an easy one to finish quickly.


The Future: 

ImageWith all due respect to Pucci, I will be changing this up a bit.  I don’t want to look like I’m in costume for the set of Mad Men.  Still, I won’t be changing much.  The top needs shaping just a bit, so I’ll nip it in at the waist.  I like the interesting neckline, but it has four large buttons in the back – I’ll switch it to five smaller ones. I did the muslin of this one, and like most patterns from the 60s, the darts are in the wrong place for today’s silhouette, and I don’t want to wear that style bra!  I’m doing this in the plum/pansy handkerchief linen.

The pants seem okay as is, but when I do a muslin, my guess is I will taper the leg a tad more to the ankle, and lower the waistline a little bit.  I find a lower waistline more comfortable.  This one is waistband free, with a lapped side zip (with tab closure).    I’ll do these in the black linen I used for the color block dress.





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