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Something for Spring… Vogue 8944


Update January 7, 2015:  I just saw this exact same dress somewhere from Calvin Klein, on sale.  Well, not exact.  The style, colors, etc were the same, but the fabric was poly rayon.

I needed something for Spring … a pick-me-up for this very late, and very cool, spring.  So I did Vogue 8944, and in the same (unoriginal) color scheme as on the Vogue website.

Pattern Description: From Vogue’s website – Loose-fitting, lined dress has yoke front, back zipper and narrow hem. Topstitching.

Fabric Used: For the dress, three different linens. I originally chose a different color scheme, but matching the weights of the linens was critical, so the lovely plum linen will be a different project.  The black and white are both from Gorgeous Fabrics.  The “fine weave” black linen is sumptuous, as Ann describes, and I will be ordering more for some pants.  The blue is hyacinth blue from Marcy Tilton. I lined the dress in cotton batiste.

Did it look like the photo or drawing when you got through? Yes

How were the instructions? The instructions were fine, though I did not always follow them (see below).Image

Things I changed and learned: This was a pretty easy dress.  When I work with something easy, I try to perfect the basics as much as possible.  Here, I wanted to use an invisible zipper, and I’m finally getting them in correctly on the first try.  But that meant that I constructed the front, then the back, with zipper CB, before basting the dress together at the sides. The instructions have you construct the top, then bottom, attach at the waist, then insert the zipper using the slot method. I also wanted to take out some of the ease in the bodice for a more fitted silhouette.  Changing the sewing order and basting the sides allowed me to do that better, and gave me practice matching seams with the color block (basting made that easier).  I also sewed the hem differently (using Claire Schaeffer’s instructions for a machine narrow hem).  Finally, the instructions have you top and edge stitching.  I just edge stitched.

The two areas that I still need to work on: the facing and ease stitching. Getting the facing just right – I simply cannot get it as nice as I want given the instructions (it’s the shoulder seams!) I think one of the shoulders is slightly wider as a result.  I have a few tiny puckers at the waist from improper easing.

Likes/Dislikes: Clean lines, fun, stylish. I wish it was warm enough to wear it.  Only dislike was how loose fitting the bodice was on me.  Of course, I almost always have to take in the bodice and lengthen it. My overall thought is I like it, but I need to continue improving my skills on the basics.  Oh, and pressing with linen?  I think I added a few permanent wrinkles…

5 replies on “Something for Spring… Vogue 8944”

It is beautiful! Surely you have a white or black or print cardigan or jacket you could wear for warmth! Simple is always more difficult to make professional looking but you nailed it!

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