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Trying to get back in the groove…

Tough but exciting last few days.  Totally swamped with work.  And spring is finally here, so I feel the call to work in the yard.  Dogwoods, bulbs, ferns, bleeding hearts… everything is coming to life.

Anyway, I’m trying to get back the project I was working on when I had to stop.  Ann, from Gorgeous Fabrics, challenged her blog readers to cut into a fabric that stymied them.

So, I cut out Vogue 8884, view C. The shell is a gunmetal grey coated cotton I picked up years ago from Marcy Tilton.  This fabric is a challenge – pin holes show, no mistakes, difficult to ease, careful with the basting please!  I did decide that I would not do all the top stitching – just edge stitching.   Fewer errors, better chance I get it right.  It’s also more sophisticated.  Still, I’m using the edge stitching foot, when a teflon foot might be better.  It seems it “sticks’ from time to time leading to very short stitches instead of long when top stitching.  I’m doing it in a matching silk thread, so it doesn’t show too much.

Other things going into the coat:  I using a very lightweight fusible interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply (except the belt – I went heavier there), and a black silk twill for the lining.  The lining, shoulder pads and buttons all come from Gorgeous Fabrics.  The belt buckle is from Cleaners Supply.

Anyway, this is where I was when I had to stop:


Had some trouble turning the loops/belt carriers.  Finally just cut them over, pressed them with edges folded to foldline and edge stitched both sides.  So, next up, attach the carriers to the body and sleeves, finish and insert the sleeves.  Then to bag a lining.

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