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Pants Fitting

I just finished a lovely fitted button-up shirt in black jacquard. I’m making a pair of black and white cross-woven linen pants to go with it. I chose Vogue 1309, from Issey Miyake (yes, I want to make that tunic, too, but haven’t found the fabric yet). The pants are described as straight-legged, loose fitting […]

Dresses Patterns Vintage

Wrapped! (V1548, DVF)

Wrap dresses have eluded me, whether as RTW or hand-made. I struggle with fit, fabric, proportions, and keeping the neckline under control. DVF is often credited with “inventing” the wrap dress. It existed before, but I think she really popularized it. I decided to go back to the original to see if I could make […]

General Sewing

Reflections on sewing in 2022, looking to 2023

I took a quick review of what I posted this year, and it confirmed to me one thing: I spent the year reflecting and experimenting. In this review, I will talk about what I loved, what didn’t work, what I learned this year, and my plans for 2023. What I loved I sewed far more […]

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Peralta & Beene (V1527 & V2232)

Sometimes I get a vision or idea of what to wear, or maybe a see a super slim celeb wearing something, and I go for it. I’m usually disappointed, as I am here. But I think it’s mainly poor choices to execute that vision. I’ll also blame my lack of good photography skills! ha ha! […]

Dresses Vintage

Vintage Simplicity 2043

Though this was a simple dress, it took time to find time to finish it. I came across this pattern last spring while inventorying and archiving my patterns. The pattern called for crisp fabrics – I chose a red/white/blue poplin from Mood Fabrics. The fabric pixelates in the photos though! It’s unlined, and my original […]

Dresses Vintage

Work in Progress: Vintage Simplicity 2043

I don’t normally do work-in-progress posts, but I’m stuck on resolving something so I thought I’d reach out. While archiving patterns last spring, I determined I had to make Simplicity 2043 from 1957, narrow skirt, rolled sleeve. (Actually, that keeps happening – I’m falling in love with my patterns all over again.) I bought a […]

Skirts Vintage

Fun Vintage Top (McCall 6520 & 7392)

So my sewing, and life it seems, has been all over the place lately. Scattered. Busy. But who isn’t. I made this combo back in August, and even though it photographs horribly, I love it, especially the top with ahigh-waist, wide-leg trouser. McCall 6520 is a lovely blouse from 1946. For this version, I chose […]

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Summer Chic (V9091 & 1486)

Although I have other sewing plans (Burda Moto Jacket anyone?), I’m more in the mood to sew simpler items. It also fits my goal to sew from the deep(er) stash. So I went through my stash and pulled out many cotton/linen shirtings and bottom-weights. I’ve been matching them up with patterns that I’ve been wanting […]

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My must-have Couture Jacket (V8732)

Wow! It’s been weeks… first, my absolutely wonderful English/Scottish vacation, followed by my not so wonderful “mild” case of the virus. Yes, my mild case knocked me out for two weeks. In any case, I’m finally blogging the one thing I made for my trip that I truly love, and loved making: Claire Shaeffer’s Custom […]


Finally back

After three canceled trips to Europe, we made it back. I will post about what I made later…