Combo Two completed (sorta)

I’m still going forward with the combos pictured below: This time, I completed the jacket for Vogue 1644, and a v-neck t-shirt in white rayon using McCall 6904. The t-shirt isn’t shown because a) the v-neck didn’t look right with the jacket, but I think a round neck would, and b) I couldn’t find it […]

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Finished! Badgley Mischka Vogue 1099

Hi! This is kinda finishing a UFO, kinda not. I made the jacket last October, and never blogged it. I planned to wear it with my Paco Peralta pant (Vogue 1550) in black linen at the time. But it got too chilly so I set it aside (as a completed project, but in the back […]

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Archiving Patterns, continued

I haven’t had much time to sew, but I do manage to catalog and archive the pattern collection in twos and threes on a regular basis. I’m really enjoying it: I get to see what I have – and also what I’ve made. Each “note” in one note is part of a section (folder), and […]

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First Blazer/Trouser Combo Done!

As noted in January, I want to complete a trio of blazers all combined with variations of the trouser from Vogue 1644 (Kathryn Brenne) and simple knit tops. I started with the khaki trousers and Burda Style jacket with two tees. I started with this one mostly because the khaki cotton twill was my least […]

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January make: Guy Laroche (V2578)

My husband is usually one of the first to tell someone I make my clothes when I receive a compliment. But he usually doesn’t comment, unless it’s really awful or something he really likes. Today, he spent a good ten minutes telling me how much he liked this… the colors, the contrast zipper/welts, fabric choice, […]

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I sometimes plan my sewing projects

I always have a sense of what I want to sew, but I don’t plan too far in advance. I don’t usually participate in the “make nine” or “capsule wardrobes” plans. I think I must get bored or something. I definitely get distracted. Perhaps it’s about inspiration – and in January, I got inspired to […]


Archiving the pattern collection

I have many patterns. I’ve bought many, including contemporary and vintage designer Vogues, but I also have many patterns that belonged to each of my grandmothers. Some I’ve been gifted. My old system of organizing patterns is no longer working for me. I recently joined the Vintage Pattern Nerds FB page, and through their helpful […]

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Sewing Top Fives, 2021 in the rear-view

Instead of doing five posts to review my sewing year, I’m going to do a single post. I’ll try to keep it short though, because I’d rather sew than blog these days. (But keep blogging, please! I love reading about others’ creations! It helps keep me inspired). Highlights My five favorites this year: Misses I […]

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“Is that, uh, Dior?”

So asked Sergeant Farrat (Hugo Weaving) of Tilly Dunnage (Kate Winslet) at the beginning of the film, The Dressmaker. I didn’t know much about fashion, couture houses, or labels growing up (except Jordache, Izod, and Calvin Klein). Part of me was oblivious to fashion: I only knew when I hated what I was wearing, but […]

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My new favorite top

I’m back, for now. I took a full social media stop. And then when I came back, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be back. Anyway, I made this top/skirt back in early October. It’s Vogue + early Paco Peralta. For the skirt, I used a wool broadcloth in black that’s been in the […]