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Summer Chic (V9091 & 1486)

Although I have other sewing plans (Burda Moto Jacket anyone?), I’m more in the mood to sew simpler items. It also fits my goal to sew from the deep(er) stash. So I went through my stash and pulled out many cotton/linen shirtings and bottom-weights. I’ve been matching them up with patterns that I’ve been wanting […]

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My must-have Couture Jacket (V8732)

Wow! It’s been weeks… first, my absolutely wonderful English/Scottish vacation, followed by my not so wonderful “mild” case of the virus. Yes, my mild case knocked me out for two weeks. In any case, I’m finally blogging the one thing I made for my trip that I truly love, and loved making: Claire Shaeffer’s Custom […]


Finally back

After three canceled trips to Europe, we made it back. I will post about what I made later…


Combo Two completed (sorta)

I’m still going forward with the combos pictured below: This time, I completed the jacket for Vogue 1644, and a v-neck t-shirt in white rayon using McCall 6904. The t-shirt isn’t shown because a) the v-neck didn’t look right with the jacket, but I think a round neck would, and b) I couldn’t find it […]

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Finished! Badgley Mischka Vogue 1099

Hi! This is kinda finishing a UFO, kinda not. I made the jacket last October, and never blogged it. I planned to wear it with my Paco Peralta pant (Vogue 1550) in black linen at the time. But it got too chilly so I set it aside (as a completed project, but in the back […]

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Archiving Patterns, continued

I haven’t had much time to sew, but I do manage to catalog and archive the pattern collection in twos and threes on a regular basis. I’m really enjoying it: I get to see what I have – and also what I’ve made. Each “note” in one note is part of a section (folder), and […]

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First Blazer/Trouser Combo Done!

As noted in January, I want to complete a trio of blazers all combined with variations of the trouser from Vogue 1644 (Kathryn Brenne) and simple knit tops. I started with the khaki trousers and Burda Style jacket with two tees. I started with this one mostly because the khaki cotton twill was my least […]

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January make: Guy Laroche (V2578)

My husband is usually one of the first to tell someone I make my clothes when I receive a compliment. But he usually doesn’t comment, unless it’s really awful or something he really likes. Today, he spent a good ten minutes telling me how much he liked this… the colors, the contrast zipper/welts, fabric choice, […]

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I sometimes plan my sewing projects

I always have a sense of what I want to sew, but I don’t plan too far in advance. I don’t usually participate in the “make nine” or “capsule wardrobes” plans. I think I must get bored or something. I definitely get distracted. Perhaps it’s about inspiration – and in January, I got inspired to […]


Archiving the pattern collection

I have many patterns. I’ve bought many, including contemporary and vintage designer Vogues, but I also have many patterns that belonged to each of my grandmothers. Some I’ve been gifted. My old system of organizing patterns is no longer working for me. I recently joined the Vintage Pattern Nerds FB page, and through their helpful […]